Accounting Associate

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Date: Mar 8, 2023

Location: Ashgabat, TM

Company: Coca Cola İçecek

Job Identification

Accounting Associate

Mission Statement

Perform work on keeping records of assets, liabilities and business transactions (accounting of fixed assets, inventory, production costs, sales of products, results of economic and financial activity, settlements with suppliers and customers for services provided, etc.), analysis and monitoring of the condition and results of the economic activity of the Company and its departments.

Main Responsibilities

Receive and control all necessary primary documentation for the relevant departmental accounting areas, properly prepare them for subsequent calculation;

Reflect on the accounts all operations related to the movement of the Company’s fixed assets, inventory and funds;

Prepare necessary reporting documents for the cost of production, services or works provided, identify and warn possible sources of financial loss and expenses formation, make necessary proposals on their possible elimination;

Control all payments;

Participate in the inventory of funds and assets on the Company’s balance sheet, as well as in accounting of payments and payment obligations;

Prepare the necessary documents and data on the entrusted areas of accounting for subsequent reporting, control the safety of all accounting documents, maintain and finalize them in strict accordance with established rules and procedures for further transfer to the archive;

Perform all necessary work on the creation, maintenance and preservation of accounting information in databases, make all necessary changes to the regulatory and reference information used in the processing and accounting of data;

Candidate Education

Associate degree in Economy, Finance or Banking.